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Are you harvesting your dancefloor energy?

We went on an adventure to the Australian Museum to see the latest Climate Change Exhibition earlier this year and it was a great exhibition to visit.

I love an exhibition that has various ways of interacting with the information being presented. There as video, sculptural installations, computer generated interactive programs, and a nightclub dancfloor where you could dance your butt off and make the energy that lit up the dancefloo beneath you. Cool. Always the scientist, Mr K made sure to monitor how much energy he could generate.

The wall of postiive affirmations was a cool idea and it was great to see how many young people wanted to write on a card and share what they were going to do for their environment.

As it was a realistic exhibition I could see many would come away feeling quite grim although there were plenty of suggestions of small things that would make a small difference if people chose to take action.

I was surpised the exhibition was somewhat empty, I don't know whether that was because it was such a lovely day outside and Sydney was a the beach or the public are just a little tired of hearing about it. I'm not sure. I am definitely happy I went though. Well worth it.

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