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Inspired by Nature - Sculpture at Scenic World

The joy of immersing yourself in the natural world at the same time as being immersed in a world of art and sculpture is not one to be missed. While Sculpture by the Sea draws thousands of visitors to the seaside to amble and soak in art mixed with a salty breeze, Scenic World in the World Heritage listed Blue Mountains National Park, have successfully created an exhibition that has artwork placed amidst a mountains rainforest valley teeming with life - from towering eucalypts to fairytale fungi and giant green ferns.

Sea Pod by Stephen Short 2012

Although the major drawcard for artists is the $20,000 Scenic World Acquisitive Award, there are other factors attracting artists to enter the competition. Many artists are inspired by the beauty & fragility of the natural world, and the boardwalk along the floor of the Jamison Valley provides a unique format, a wilderness gallery, in which to showcase their works.

Bronze Wombat by Ole Nielson 2012

The exhibition boasts sculptures by 35 artists, ranging from the Blue Mountains to Ireland, and a comprehensive exhibition program filled with free evening lectures, artist talks, guided tours and ‘Sculpture for Small People’.

As a visitor to the exhibition I found myself not simply looking left & right as I wandered down the boardwalk but meandering, pausing, seeking.

I'm Still Here by Heidi Kenyon 2012

The wonder of where and what would be the next artwork to be spotted was a constant buzz, fed by discoveries like finding myself looking up into the treetops to find Heidi Kenyon’s delicately created ‘I’m Still Here’ leafworks seemingly floating mid-fall to the forest floor. Or stepping into Cassandra Scott-Finn's endless, psychedelic tardis looming ominously amongst the treetops, reflecting my image yet allowing refracted images of the outside in. She is most certainly an artist to keep an eye on as her first exhibited sculpture had thousands mesmerised and enthralled in 2012.

Infinity? by Cassandra Scott-Finn 2012

Now there's no need to trek to the seaside to rejuvenate one’s artistic being; head instead to this ancient valley in the mountains and discover sculpture in a whole new light.

For more details on this year’s progamme head to the Scenic World website.

Sculpture at Scenic World is in its second year, with the exhibition running from 24th April - 19th May 2013.


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