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Love & Passion | Blue Mountains Wedding Photographer |

I just had to blog this straight away. Angela and John got married today at 12:05pm,after the official end of April Fools day. After 20 years of sharing their lives together, today they tied the knot. Their son Keith was the perfect ring bearer, and the rock platform at the base of Terrace Falls the perfect location.

The priveledge of capturing such love, & genuine commitment blows me away as to how lucky I am to live the life I lead & to do something that I love, that makes people happy.

A truly open, passionate and authentic wedding ceremony of which I was honoured to be a part of.

Thankyou John & Angela for allowing me into your world for the day to capture your gorgeous wedding day.


A gorgeous day for a picnic | Blue Mountains Photographer |

I had so much fun during the inaugural Roaring 20s Festival in the Blue Mountains, people from all walks of life came out of the woodwork to participate in the events that had been organised, many in costume of the period.

This family was just adorable, the little girl had watched her grandmother making her dress the night before and was so excited to be out and about in her gorgeous glittery costume.


Glimpses of Life & Love | Heart Felt Photographer |

I think most of the time I am pretty good at pausing to take a moment to be grateful for my life and all the wondrous things in it. But following the recent floods, earthquakes, uprisings and tsunamis, I am all the more alert and profoundly moved by the magnitude of these events. The impact of them on so many people in so many different ways, and total and utter devastation. It has my heart in my throat and tears in my eyes to try and imagine what people are going through. What they are feeling.

I want to share some moments taken with my iphone 3, I love them not for their amazing expertise or exposure but for the moment captured in time. The glimpse of beauty in randomness, the preciousness of the moment. The fragility of life and love. I have been 'collecting evidence' with my camera phones for years.

I can't really put into words the emotions I have been feeling watching the news and thinking of all the people that have lost homes, loves, lives. I guess that's why I am a photographer and not a copywriter.

This little girl on the ferry was so taken with the munchkin. For whatever reason there was a connection. She reached out, so childlike and innocent of social boundaries. She wanted to connect. Magic.

So often we can go through our lives feeling like we are trying to piece together a puzzle, always missing just one niggling little piece. It's times like these I remember my puzzle is whole and complete.

Recently I have been dashing here and there, with a deadline here and a meeting there, I may have kept my phone in my pocket and overlooked a couple of these precious moments. Well world, you've got my attention.

Big loves. Annx


New Festival a Roaring Sucess | Blue Mountains Festival Photographer |

The month of February has been the month of the inaugural Roaring 20s Festival all throughout the Blue Mountains, and I have loved being a part of the festivities. There were 3 events that I was invited to photograph this year and the 1st I will share briefly was the Great Gatsby Getaway in Mount Victoria. By the time I rocked up guests had already spent a day playing croquet on the lawn and been to see 'The Great Gatsby' Film at the Mount Vic Flicks accompanied by champagne and strawberries.

Naturally, the posse moved on to the Blue Mountains Manor House to partake in Charleston dancing lessons before a sumptuous 3 course dinner listening to live music by the Mountain Jazz Trio with Pam Allen. And of course a prize for Best Dressed was up for grabs!

I loved being surrounded by happy people all having fun, getting in character and celebrating a time of carefree joy and frivolity in the world's history. It was a fabulous evening, and even better that on a cool and misty evening on the mountaintop there was a warm Manor House with a cosy vibe.



New Year, New Stories, New Loves

Welcome little Frankie! What a wonderful way to start the year, with a newborn photo session. On his 2 week anniversary little Frankie Jnr was the star of hist first photo shoot. Mum and Dad were so chilled and relaxed in their approach to bub and each other, it was wonderful to watch and to be around.

I love a woman that knows what she wants, so when Jaclyn called me from hospital 2 days before Christmas to make a booking, I just had to make it happen, and coming back from holidays early was so worth it.Such perfect little hands, ears and toes, newborn babies are just a wonder to behold.



The lovely tenderness with which Frankie's Mum and Dad bestowed upon little Frankie during our photo session I could see this was a little boy who is going to have a childhood filled with loving memories.

With explosive projectile wees and poos it was certainly a photo session to be remembered! Thank you Jaclyn for sharing the afternoon with me and letting me into your lives for brief time. It was truly lovely and I will have your online gallery up soon! Ax


Feel the Sun on Your Face & the Sand between Your Toes {Offbeat Wedding Photography}

A number of weeks ago before the frenetic Christmas rush we made our leisurely way up to Coochimudlo Island off the coast of Brisbane, Queensland.

After days of rain, there was a convergence of family and friends from all over the country, and the globe, to bask in the love and the sunshine as Rach and Steve got married at sunset near 'Coochie's' well known Red Rock Point. I loved their down-to-earth approach to their wedding, they were of course organised, and with wonderful ideas of how it might pan out but as Rach said on the morning before her wedding - 'as long as I am married to the right man at the end of the day I'll be happy'. And she was true to her word.

I loved the bare feet, the humor, the joy, the acceptance, and partnership that they shared so freely with everyone present at the ceremony.

It was wonderful to see their creativity and unique relationship expressed in so many ways at their ceremony and their reception. Rach and Steve were so relaxed in who they are as individuals and trusting in their future together that it was inspiring. I love weddings!!

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Powell, and Thankyou for giving our little family the honour of each having such a special role to remember on such a special day in your lives.

Ann xx


Love & Adventure in Leura {Blue Mountains Offbeat Wedding}

I had a wonderful day on my birthday last weekend. I awoke to sunshine streaming in the window, a 'Happy Berfday' song and cupcake from the munchkin, homemade coffee in bed (made by husband not said toddler) and then I got to spend my day surrounded by happy people in love, shooting a gorgeous wedding at the award winning Old Leura Dairy, in the Blue Mountains.

Vanessa and Stephen had taken much time to include their families and guests in their wedding ceremony, and it was a wonderful expression of their love for each other, and their passion for the environment.

With so much attention to detail I was in heaven for shooting creatively, starting with the artwork of a dress Vanessa had made personally.

As best friends in love, it seemed so fitting that this groom would be there to zip up the bride!

Vanessa and Stephen had thought carefully about how their day would go, so that once they were wed they could share the most time possible celebrating with their loved ones. So prior to the ceremony we went on a photo adventure with the couples' immediate family for a cliff side shoot (location chosen that morning by the groom)...

With wonderful sunny weather comes a different set of challenges to the rainy day, and the bright sunny day following days of rain brings new challenges yet again. Such as puddles for the more mature to leap and shadows under the eyes at midday if you are not equipped or practised in midday challenges. However we had all worn our 'sensible' shoes and all made it to the location with dry feet and within minutes were all laughing and admiring the stunning view.

With a brolly to shade the bride (don't want her melting in the hot sun before the ceremony!) and lots of humour from the teens we got some gorgeous shots. Then back to have a wedding!

Each guest received a carnation for the ceremony and the poems read by the children of this newly blended family were touching. Everything had a sentiment and meaning to share. Even the sweets were served afterwards in compostible eco cups - likely to have been sourced from Vanessa's Eco Shop - Zuri Homewares.

Congratulations Vanessa and Stephen on what was a wonderful wedding that clearly showed your love for each other and your children, and your commitment to a fabulous future together.

Thankyou for including me in such a love-filled day.

Happy birthday me :)

Stephen & Vanessa, I'll be in touch soon regarding your full wedding story CD.


Sydney Family Survives Bush Adventure {Blue Mountains Family Photographer}

Another gorgeous and busy family with a very busy little boy that I just loved spending a morning with recently!

I am always honoured when a friend invites me to share an even closer friendship by inviting me to create a family portrait for them. Jen and I met as housemates over 5 years ago. The couple of weeks we had together were fun. Soon after I unpacked, Jen announced she had met the love of her life, and was moving out. Can't argue with true love!

Marty and Jen 'just knew' they were meant to be together, and now they have the wonderful Jacob in their lives, I enjoy seeing their facebook updates on just how happy their family is together and the love they share with each other.

We chose a bush adventure in Katoomba in the Blue Mountains, as in her photo session questionnaire Jen mentioned that 'both boys are pretty rambunctious and like to run around and jump off things.' Fun!

So a weekend getaway in the Blue Mountains was arranged, with a morning adventuring in the bush. Birds sung overhead, we heard rushing waterfalls nearby and the giggles of Jacob echoed up the valley. Crisp fresh air filled our lungs as we chased this way and that, jumped creeks, climbed trees, and generally had fun!

Thanks Marty and Jen for trusting me to create an experience just for you, to capture your family in this wonderful phase before Jacob the munchkin turns into Jacob the 'big boy'!

I'll have your complete online gallery to you very soon :)



A Sun Filled Morning in Blackheath... {Blue Mountains Family Portaits}

I love being welcomed into the homes of a family wishing to share a precious time in their lives with me. I enjoy every shoot, and as much as I give all of myself on every photo session, there is always so much that I personally get back by being around people in love, families growing, and babies discovering the world..

´╗┐This was a particularly special photo session for me as I had photographed the graceful Henriette when she was 36 weeks pregnant, bathed in the golden light of an autumn afternoon. To see the grace and glory of the female body as it grows little people, and then to see the wonder in the eyes of this new person in the world, and the love between parent in child is truly precious to share.

I found Henriette and Jack's attitude so inspiring, especially when I asked how things were going and H's response was: 'Pretty well, apart from the exhaustion. We're pretty busy, we just opened a new dental practice, have been mountain climbing and sailing recently and are planning a hike in New Zealand next year'... all with the twins in tow.

Thanks for the 'picnic' among the trees Henriette and Jack, I'll have your online gallery link to you very soon!



Blossoms of Spring {Blue Mountains Photogapher}

Wow, it has been way too long since I have sat down to blog for my peoples! Our shift of lifestyle, or our tree change, has been a pretty massive journey so far, from the inner city of the Sydney's inner west, to the Blue Mountains Mountain tops. The journey has been a quiet inner journey much of the time, with lots of introspection and growth, and quiet.

We survived our first winter unscathed, and I am feeling myself awaken with the fresh new blossoms that are opening up in our gorgeous garden. I promised I would share stuff not only about products I find that are awesome (which are also waiting to be blogged about mind you!) but also about things that I find cool, and random stuff that makes me happy. So here are a few below:

Watching the munchkin's 1st birthday magnolia starting to bloom..

Feeling the warmth of the fire on my back as I sit on the rug typing on my puter..

Watching my garden once barren, come back to life day by day..

The smell of the air as it shifts from a warm afternoon balm to a fresh and energised storm..

Having a divine and perfect lone tulip arise from the random plants and weeds to bring a smile to my face every morning. In my garden. Fresh. Unpurchased. So cool.

Catching up with a friend from the past who inspired me for the resilience, generosity and wit she has carried with her through trying times and experiences. And for her calling my succulents 'rock roses'.

Having lemons on our very own lemon tree to make lemon and honey tea. Just at the right time. Nature just knows what we need in the right season..

Would love to hear some of yours..