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Glimpses of Life & Love | Heart Felt Photographer |

I think most of the time I am pretty good at pausing to take a moment to be grateful for my life and all the wondrous things in it. But following the recent floods, earthquakes, uprisings and tsunamis, I am all the more alert and profoundly moved by the magnitude of these events. The impact of them on so many people in so many different ways, and total and utter devastation. It has my heart in my throat and tears in my eyes to try and imagine what people are going through. What they are feeling.

I want to share some moments taken with my iphone 3, I love them not for their amazing expertise or exposure but for the moment captured in time. The glimpse of beauty in randomness, the preciousness of the moment. The fragility of life and love. I have been 'collecting evidence' with my camera phones for years.

I can't really put into words the emotions I have been feeling watching the news and thinking of all the people that have lost homes, loves, lives. I guess that's why I am a photographer and not a copywriter.

This little girl on the ferry was so taken with the munchkin. For whatever reason there was a connection. She reached out, so childlike and innocent of social boundaries. She wanted to connect. Magic.

So often we can go through our lives feeling like we are trying to piece together a puzzle, always missing just one niggling little piece. It's times like these I remember my puzzle is whole and complete.

Recently I have been dashing here and there, with a deadline here and a meeting there, I may have kept my phone in my pocket and overlooked a couple of these precious moments. Well world, you've got my attention.

Big loves. Annx


The Science of Star Wars

Master B had his 11th birthday and I am discovering that birthday's will no longer be a picnic party in the park, they are to be go kart parties and trips to meet Yoda. Fair enough. A young man will seek wisdom where he sees fit.

We packed our bags for our excursion to a galaxy far far away and set out to the Powerhouse Museum. A sunny day was the perfect day to go to the museum as there were no queues for tickets, for the ladies toilets or a peek at the displays. Our stroll through the Star Wars display was leisurely, and I let myself be ensconced in the science and the world of Luke Skywalker and his cronies. I saw the original films so many times as a child that I was excited to see the real models used in the film, and the costumes right there before my eyes. I did however feel there was a huge oversight in the exhibition of the ewoks and their contribution the survival of our favourite heroes.

Upon leaving the museum the sun was hanging low in the sky and about to disappear behind a number of large buildings. A cool breeze swept my hair from my face and the silence was calm yet eerie. There was no rushing of cars, trucks and buses, only leaves falling gently to the ground while others made their first appearances.

I believe Autumn is hanging in the wings ready to come on stage..


Summer's Tepid Refresher

Sydney is certainly heating up this summer. It always amuses me how people complain that summer hasn't come yet as they want to shed the layers and lie on the warm sand at the beach and when it does, they complain about how stinking hot it is. I went on a trek to Manly beach this morning for an invigorating dip in the cool ocean water. I was certainly ready for a swim after catching public transport to avoid Sydney's Saturday morning traffic. A train to Circular Quay and then a Ferry across the Harbour. After the hour long journey I trapsed up and down the boardwalk of Manly beach scanning for sights of my brother amongst the hundreds of surf lifesavers thronging on the beach for the Carnival. The sun beat down onto the sand and a warm breeze blew the heat across the beach. My poor munchkin was on this adventure and somewhat unimpressed... until we hit the waves!! What a feeling it is to dive into the ocean and feel the water coarse over your body and the exhilirating shock of the cool against hot skin. Refreshed, we packed up and headed on our return journey to the inner west. By the time we got there it was time for another dip! Quick! Mr K came to our rescue and took the girls to the local pool. Hmm, with hundreds of other hot, sweaty locals all taking a dip on a still, dry and sweltering summer afternoon. I looked at the tepid pool water and longed to feel the sea washing over my feet again.