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A stroll through Wentworth Falls village

The Blue Mountains are vast, and dotted along the Pacific Highway as you cross the mountains, are small villages, each with it's own character. One village many people love to stop in is Wentworth Falls.

Populated by many of the Blue Mountains' more artistic community - 'Wenty' as it is affectionately called - has everything one could possibly need to stock up for a weekend away, without heading into a major town centre. With charm, cheese and wine available, this little village is a delight. Check out my short video of my walk around on a grey drizzly day - perfect for cafe hopping and a spot of shopping!







Video for NPWS - Bushtrackers

Some of the strongest memories of mine don't have a particular experience associated with them. They seem to be smells, feelings, moments of light shining through trees, and the sounds of birds in the air.

Recently I had the opportunity to give my skills to share with the younger generations. The Bushtrackers program is an amazing program led by passionate members of the Blue Mountains community and the NPWS staff in the Blue Mountains. I photographed students from various schools in the Blue Mountains while they were on excursions through different areas of bushland learning about the natural environment, through an immersive and sensory experience.

I was delighted to combine my own photos with those of volunteers for the worldwide conference at which the Bushtrackers team were invited to present their project.




A walk with an artist

Recently I have been working with a number of creative clients, which has been incredibly satisfying. Freedom Wilson of Laughing Bird Designs is the founder of the Blue Mountains design blog The Cloudscape, a creative online presence that thas been sharing the stories of amazing and diverse creative people of the mountains for the last 5 years. But Freedom's main creative outlet is illustration and screen printing. Creating detailed illustrations of the Australian Bush, Freedom screenprints her artworks onto various homewares made from Russian linen, and wearable art is formed. From aprons and skirts, to tea towels and market bags, Freedom's products are both durable and desirable! Taking her inspiration from the bushland of the Blue Mountains, Freedom felt it would be fitting to do our first collaborative shoot among the trees. So we took a bushwalk in Blackheath and what we saw, heard and created are pretty special. Take a look:

The song of birds in the trees, the smell of eucalypts after rain, and the light dancing through leaves as they sway in the breeze - all inspire Freedom as she creates her designs for her homewares line. Freedom initially creates detailed illustrations using ink on paper, and transfers these artworks onto Russian linen by screen printing by hand. With so much love and skill going into these products they sometimes feel too good to use - hence why many are framed on the wall, or sent overseas as gifts. 

It was truly energising to immerse ourselves in the bush before creating these photos for the Laughing Bird Studio website. We connected with the source, and created our images interacting with that original inspiration which felt 'just right'. 


How Time Flies...

Well, there has certainly been a bit of a hiatus on my blog, however I am happy to say I am returning slowly to the world of sharing my projects, passion and commissions again. Our quiet patch was in fact very productive as we made an amazing little person called Amelia-Jane who has just turned one year old.I thought I would share a photo taken of our little brood in autumn this year by our dear friend Sophie on a quick visit to the Blue Mountains.


Our little family feels complete. Our full family photo session can be seen over on the blog at Kisschasey Photography and I recommend you check it out!


A gorgeous day for a picnic | Blue Mountains Photographer |

I had so much fun during the inaugural Roaring 20s Festival in the Blue Mountains, people from all walks of life came out of the woodwork to participate in the events that had been organised, many in costume of the period.

This family was just adorable, the little girl had watched her grandmother making her dress the night before and was so excited to be out and about in her gorgeous glittery costume.


Best time of day for location portraits? {Blue Mountains Portrait Photographer}

Many people tend to think that we need the bright sunny days of your gorgeous Aussie summer to take great portrait shots, and although that bright sun is wonderful for photos, so is the soft diffused light of autumn and winter. Generally portraits shot in the midday sun produce dark shadows in the eyes of the subject we are wanting to capture.

I am excited to have a whole new location to explore and challenge me, having relocated recently to the Blue Mountains. With 4 seasons in one day I am loving using the bright contrast of one day's midday light, and playing with the subdued softness of another.

It really depends on what result you want to get from your portraits as to when you head out for your portrait session though. Autumn is a great time of year to create family portraits, I shoot most location family  portraits in the early morning or late afternoon to get the sunlight shimmering through the autumn leaves at the right angle, and a softness that supports gorgeous family photos without too much squinting and heavy shadows. Always try to make time for a location scout before hand so as to know the way the light will be travelling before you take the family there for those special pics.

The portrait above was shot in Ashfield Park in Sydney on an overcast afternoon at about 5pm. I had seen the blooms on my favourite tree starting to fall, and every afternoon made a detour past the park on my way home... watching and waiting for the perfect light and the perfect moment to execute a simple yet powerful portrait with minimal styling and maximum connection and cuteness. Our shoot went for under 3 minutes, due to planning and patience.

 Let me know if this tip was helpful to you and I will post more tips for you to improve your photography of your family and pets..


Feel theTranquility

Sweltering humidity and city tension urged us to flee to the Mountains for a mid week escape, and we returned refreshed, clear headed... tranquil.

I reveal that as well as sharing my photography skills with young businesses in the Mountains, we are conducting research for a special location for a very special, upcoming celebration. Staying at Tranquility Cottage on a cliff looking down the Megalong Valley, our hot days cooled down to crisp nights snuggled in warm layers of woollens and a lazy glass of wine to unwind.

The daily adventure was as varied as the weather, homemade lemonade at a teensy cafe in Wentworth Falls. Fresh and cooling, we quenched our thirst, watching the locals passing by.

A visit to Everglades Gardens in Leura revealed a lovely piece of history, manicured gardens nestled on the hillside bordering the Blue Mountains National Park with a quirky art deco residence to explore, before an afternoon cup of tea. The gardens were organised and categorised, educational. For those who wanted to learn more about nature could do so reading the informative signs along the way.

Next stop, Jenolan Caves. Exploring with our own personal guide we entered the dark, damp caves underground and listened to the echo of voices as a group trapsed through ahead of us. The acoustics impressed as we listened to various pieces of music in the Cathedral Chamber of Lucas Cave. Once we returned to the daylight we went down to the richly coloured Blue Lake in the hope of spying a Platypus. No such luck on the fauna front. Mosquitos, spiders and a lone duck.

The sun began to drop as quickly as the temperature and we jumped back into the mobile and passed through 'The God Forest' Pine Plantation on our return to Blackheath. The light flickering through the trees as we drove had me mesmerised. With the music on the radio, it was like I was the star in a sunset film clip, or something of the like. You know what I mean, you've done it too..