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A wall of shoes - Interiors in Neutral Bay

Libby Sullivan of 2000ft DESIGN has an amazing way of transforming 3-dimensional spaces. With clients that love their homes and want to respect heritage and family connections, Libby takes the time to learn about her clients and their families and design spaces that are light, modern and yet timeless.

I have worked with her for a number of years now and I love getting to step into each new creation.This latest project in Neutral Bay is in one of the original houses of the area. The tenants lived in the house for years and when the opportunity to buy it came up, it was theirs. Over time they are lovingly restoring and transforming old and run down areas into new functional spaces for their family.

Falling down addition turned ensuite and wall of shoes? Crumbling verandah come butler pantry - yes please!

Check out the results of phase one of the project, I can't wait to see the results of phase two!




A stroll through Wentworth Falls village

The Blue Mountains are vast, and dotted along the Pacific Highway as you cross the mountains, are small villages, each with it's own character. One village many people love to stop in is Wentworth Falls.

Populated by many of the Blue Mountains' more artistic community - 'Wenty' as it is affectionately called - has everything one could possibly need to stock up for a weekend away, without heading into a major town centre. With charm, cheese and wine available, this little village is a delight. Check out my short video of my walk around on a grey drizzly day - perfect for cafe hopping and a spot of shopping!







A walk with an artist

Recently I have been working with a number of creative clients, which has been incredibly satisfying. Freedom Wilson of Laughing Bird Designs is the founder of the Blue Mountains design blog The Cloudscape, a creative online presence that thas been sharing the stories of amazing and diverse creative people of the mountains for the last 5 years. But Freedom's main creative outlet is illustration and screen printing. Creating detailed illustrations of the Australian Bush, Freedom screenprints her artworks onto various homewares made from Russian linen, and wearable art is formed. From aprons and skirts, to tea towels and market bags, Freedom's products are both durable and desirable! Taking her inspiration from the bushland of the Blue Mountains, Freedom felt it would be fitting to do our first collaborative shoot among the trees. So we took a bushwalk in Blackheath and what we saw, heard and created are pretty special. Take a look:

The song of birds in the trees, the smell of eucalypts after rain, and the light dancing through leaves as they sway in the breeze - all inspire Freedom as she creates her designs for her homewares line. Freedom initially creates detailed illustrations using ink on paper, and transfers these artworks onto Russian linen by screen printing by hand. With so much love and skill going into these products they sometimes feel too good to use - hence why many are framed on the wall, or sent overseas as gifts. 

It was truly energising to immerse ourselves in the bush before creating these photos for the Laughing Bird Studio website. We connected with the source, and created our images interacting with that original inspiration which felt 'just right'. 


Winners & Losers. | Blue Mountains Photographer  |

This Friday night I'm losing. I don't get to take my Dad to dinner for his birthday. However, I do get a night off to take my hubby to a black tie dinner, eat delicious food, listen to great music... and I might just end being a winner - of the Blue Mountains Business Awards People's Choice Award for the region.

As a relatively new photographer in the Blue Mountains I am already feeling like a winner - to be up against some of the regions most established and experienced businesses. And I have you to thank. Each and every client from Sydney to Blackheath and beyond, that took a couple of minutes to cast your vote - Thankyou.

I am confident in saying that I put my heart, energy and experience into every single commission I get, and am my harshest critic. I always strive to do better, do it quicker. Today I am going to let myself have a quiet little celebration and go easy on myself. To take a moment at what has already been achieved in such a short time, and look with happy anticipation to what can be achieved in the future.

I am pretty chuffed to see I made it in the paper last week too :)

So in celebration I am going to share a little something that came in my inbox last week. From the lovely Tracy who's wedding I photographed recently (did I mention her fabulous husband Steve organised the whole things from Afghanistan?!? Awesome groom indeed).


WOW! You are such a talented photographer.  The wedding pictures are BEAUTIFUL.  Steve did an EXCELLENT job finding you :) And you really captured our day just the way we dreamt it would turn out.  We could not have captured it properly without you.

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart :)'


Thank you Tracy - the pleasure was mine.

See a sneak peek from Tracy & Steve's Mountaintop Wedding here:

Over the Moon Photography Blog


Get on Yer Bike! | Blue Mountains Photographer |

Looking at this bike makes me think of revolutionaries riding through mountaintops with the wind in their hair and making change in the world. Restored with all of the original parts and techniques, I just find it wonderful that Trevor took the time to share his passion with others, and took his motor-bike to the Jazz in the Mall in Leura, during the Roaring 20s Festival.

I think a shared interest may very well be one of the integral ingredients to a long and happy marriage... for keeping the dream alive and for still wanting to ride off into the sunset together..


A Lazy Sunday Drive | Blue Mountains Photographer |

I love meeting creative people who are passionate about what they do. I also LOVE all things vintage. Needless to say, attending the inaugural Roaring 20s Festival in the Blue Mountains, and being invited to photograph a number of events had me tickled pink.

This lovely lady was at the Jazz in the Mall event during the Roaring 20s Festival and had her 1926 Jewett on display. I was impressed by the fact that she made is clear it was hers, not her husbands - he owned the motor-bike - and that it had been lovingly restored with all the original motor bits and pieces of the era. It came as a surprise to me that many vintage cars have a vintage shell and a modified modern engine inside. Kathleen's Jewett was indeed the real deal.For those who want to see the bike, that will be in another post...


A gorgeous day for a picnic | Blue Mountains Photographer |

I had so much fun during the inaugural Roaring 20s Festival in the Blue Mountains, people from all walks of life came out of the woodwork to participate in the events that had been organised, many in costume of the period.

This family was just adorable, the little girl had watched her grandmother making her dress the night before and was so excited to be out and about in her gorgeous glittery costume.


Glimpses of Life & Love | Heart Felt Photographer |

I think most of the time I am pretty good at pausing to take a moment to be grateful for my life and all the wondrous things in it. But following the recent floods, earthquakes, uprisings and tsunamis, I am all the more alert and profoundly moved by the magnitude of these events. The impact of them on so many people in so many different ways, and total and utter devastation. It has my heart in my throat and tears in my eyes to try and imagine what people are going through. What they are feeling.

I want to share some moments taken with my iphone 3, I love them not for their amazing expertise or exposure but for the moment captured in time. The glimpse of beauty in randomness, the preciousness of the moment. The fragility of life and love. I have been 'collecting evidence' with my camera phones for years.

I can't really put into words the emotions I have been feeling watching the news and thinking of all the people that have lost homes, loves, lives. I guess that's why I am a photographer and not a copywriter.

This little girl on the ferry was so taken with the munchkin. For whatever reason there was a connection. She reached out, so childlike and innocent of social boundaries. She wanted to connect. Magic.

So often we can go through our lives feeling like we are trying to piece together a puzzle, always missing just one niggling little piece. It's times like these I remember my puzzle is whole and complete.

Recently I have been dashing here and there, with a deadline here and a meeting there, I may have kept my phone in my pocket and overlooked a couple of these precious moments. Well world, you've got my attention.

Big loves. Annx


New Festival a Roaring Sucess | Blue Mountains Festival Photographer |

The month of February has been the month of the inaugural Roaring 20s Festival all throughout the Blue Mountains, and I have loved being a part of the festivities. There were 3 events that I was invited to photograph this year and the 1st I will share briefly was the Great Gatsby Getaway in Mount Victoria. By the time I rocked up guests had already spent a day playing croquet on the lawn and been to see 'The Great Gatsby' Film at the Mount Vic Flicks accompanied by champagne and strawberries.

Naturally, the posse moved on to the Blue Mountains Manor House to partake in Charleston dancing lessons before a sumptuous 3 course dinner listening to live music by the Mountain Jazz Trio with Pam Allen. And of course a prize for Best Dressed was up for grabs!

I loved being surrounded by happy people all having fun, getting in character and celebrating a time of carefree joy and frivolity in the world's history. It was a fabulous evening, and even better that on a cool and misty evening on the mountaintop there was a warm Manor House with a cosy vibe.



New Year, New Stories, New Loves

Welcome little Frankie! What a wonderful way to start the year, with a newborn photo session. On his 2 week anniversary little Frankie Jnr was the star of hist first photo shoot. Mum and Dad were so chilled and relaxed in their approach to bub and each other, it was wonderful to watch and to be around.

I love a woman that knows what she wants, so when Jaclyn called me from hospital 2 days before Christmas to make a booking, I just had to make it happen, and coming back from holidays early was so worth it.Such perfect little hands, ears and toes, newborn babies are just a wonder to behold.



The lovely tenderness with which Frankie's Mum and Dad bestowed upon little Frankie during our photo session I could see this was a little boy who is going to have a childhood filled with loving memories.

With explosive projectile wees and poos it was certainly a photo session to be remembered! Thank you Jaclyn for sharing the afternoon with me and letting me into your lives for brief time. It was truly lovely and I will have your online gallery up soon! Ax