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Winners & Losers. | Blue Mountains Photographer  |

This Friday night I'm losing. I don't get to take my Dad to dinner for his birthday. However, I do get a night off to take my hubby to a black tie dinner, eat delicious food, listen to great music... and I might just end being a winner - of the Blue Mountains Business Awards People's Choice Award for the region.

As a relatively new photographer in the Blue Mountains I am already feeling like a winner - to be up against some of the regions most established and experienced businesses. And I have you to thank. Each and every client from Sydney to Blackheath and beyond, that took a couple of minutes to cast your vote - Thankyou.

I am confident in saying that I put my heart, energy and experience into every single commission I get, and am my harshest critic. I always strive to do better, do it quicker. Today I am going to let myself have a quiet little celebration and go easy on myself. To take a moment at what has already been achieved in such a short time, and look with happy anticipation to what can be achieved in the future.

I am pretty chuffed to see I made it in the paper last week too :)

So in celebration I am going to share a little something that came in my inbox last week. From the lovely Tracy who's wedding I photographed recently (did I mention her fabulous husband Steve organised the whole things from Afghanistan?!? Awesome groom indeed).


WOW! You are such a talented photographer.  The wedding pictures are BEAUTIFUL.  Steve did an EXCELLENT job finding you :) And you really captured our day just the way we dreamt it would turn out.  We could not have captured it properly without you.

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart :)'


Thank you Tracy - the pleasure was mine.

See a sneak peek from Tracy & Steve's Mountaintop Wedding here:

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