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Sydney Family Survives Bush Adventure {Blue Mountains Family Photographer}

Another gorgeous and busy family with a very busy little boy that I just loved spending a morning with recently!

I am always honoured when a friend invites me to share an even closer friendship by inviting me to create a family portrait for them. Jen and I met as housemates over 5 years ago. The couple of weeks we had together were fun. Soon after I unpacked, Jen announced she had met the love of her life, and was moving out. Can't argue with true love!

Marty and Jen 'just knew' they were meant to be together, and now they have the wonderful Jacob in their lives, I enjoy seeing their facebook updates on just how happy their family is together and the love they share with each other.

We chose a bush adventure in Katoomba in the Blue Mountains, as in her photo session questionnaire Jen mentioned that 'both boys are pretty rambunctious and like to run around and jump off things.' Fun!

So a weekend getaway in the Blue Mountains was arranged, with a morning adventuring in the bush. Birds sung overhead, we heard rushing waterfalls nearby and the giggles of Jacob echoed up the valley. Crisp fresh air filled our lungs as we chased this way and that, jumped creeks, climbed trees, and generally had fun!

Thanks Marty and Jen for trusting me to create an experience just for you, to capture your family in this wonderful phase before Jacob the munchkin turns into Jacob the 'big boy'!

I'll have your complete online gallery to you very soon :)



Father's Day Present Ideas? {Kids Portrait Photographer}

Hmm. Father's Day is coming up, and I still haven't had any amazing gift ideas for my Dad, or for Mr K from the munchkin. We've done the hand painting, the pretty plant in a pot and the surprise adventure. I'm looking for new ideas for what to make, or do this year so if you have any rocking ideas you want to share of your past successes, feel free to share in the comments.

Meanwhile, I'd like to share some of the pics we created last week in the Blue Mountains. A friend of mine asked me to shoot her kids before Father's Day as a surprise for her man, so we managed to find an afternoon when Dad was out to have a secret photo session.

My friend grew up in France and wanted something a little bit creative, and on our windy and rainy afternoon we created some great stuff that their Daddy is going to loooooove! It's always a good sign your client loves your work when they can't pick 'just one'.

He is going to score a number of framed prints and also a small print on the front of their handmade card. I have been working hard over the last few months researching and creating a whole new range of products for my wedding and family portrait clients. I'll be sharing pictures of them and launching the new range very soon, but for now they are going to stay under wraps..

I had such a great time chasing these two little munchkins around, creating little vignettes in their Aussie backyard that captured a little bit of Frenchness. Oui Oui?


Best time of day for location portraits? {Blue Mountains Portrait Photographer}

Many people tend to think that we need the bright sunny days of your gorgeous Aussie summer to take great portrait shots, and although that bright sun is wonderful for photos, so is the soft diffused light of autumn and winter. Generally portraits shot in the midday sun produce dark shadows in the eyes of the subject we are wanting to capture.

I am excited to have a whole new location to explore and challenge me, having relocated recently to the Blue Mountains. With 4 seasons in one day I am loving using the bright contrast of one day's midday light, and playing with the subdued softness of another.

It really depends on what result you want to get from your portraits as to when you head out for your portrait session though. Autumn is a great time of year to create family portraits, I shoot most location family  portraits in the early morning or late afternoon to get the sunlight shimmering through the autumn leaves at the right angle, and a softness that supports gorgeous family photos without too much squinting and heavy shadows. Always try to make time for a location scout before hand so as to know the way the light will be travelling before you take the family there for those special pics.

The portrait above was shot in Ashfield Park in Sydney on an overcast afternoon at about 5pm. I had seen the blooms on my favourite tree starting to fall, and every afternoon made a detour past the park on my way home... watching and waiting for the perfect light and the perfect moment to execute a simple yet powerful portrait with minimal styling and maximum connection and cuteness. Our shoot went for under 3 minutes, due to planning and patience.

 Let me know if this tip was helpful to you and I will post more tips for you to improve your photography of your family and pets..