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Blossoms of Spring {Blue Mountains Photogapher}

Wow, it has been way too long since I have sat down to blog for my peoples! Our shift of lifestyle, or our tree change, has been a pretty massive journey so far, from the inner city of the Sydney's inner west, to the Blue Mountains Mountain tops. The journey has been a quiet inner journey much of the time, with lots of introspection and growth, and quiet.

We survived our first winter unscathed, and I am feeling myself awaken with the fresh new blossoms that are opening up in our gorgeous garden. I promised I would share stuff not only about products I find that are awesome (which are also waiting to be blogged about mind you!) but also about things that I find cool, and random stuff that makes me happy. So here are a few below:

Watching the munchkin's 1st birthday magnolia starting to bloom..

Feeling the warmth of the fire on my back as I sit on the rug typing on my puter..

Watching my garden once barren, come back to life day by day..

The smell of the air as it shifts from a warm afternoon balm to a fresh and energised storm..

Having a divine and perfect lone tulip arise from the random plants and weeds to bring a smile to my face every morning. In my garden. Fresh. Unpurchased. So cool.

Catching up with a friend from the past who inspired me for the resilience, generosity and wit she has carried with her through trying times and experiences. And for her calling my succulents 'rock roses'.

Having lemons on our very own lemon tree to make lemon and honey tea. Just at the right time. Nature just knows what we need in the right season..

Would love to hear some of yours..