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New Festival a Roaring Sucess | Blue Mountains Festival Photographer |

The month of February has been the month of the inaugural Roaring 20s Festival all throughout the Blue Mountains, and I have loved being a part of the festivities. There were 3 events that I was invited to photograph this year and the 1st I will share briefly was the Great Gatsby Getaway in Mount Victoria. By the time I rocked up guests had already spent a day playing croquet on the lawn and been to see 'The Great Gatsby' Film at the Mount Vic Flicks accompanied by champagne and strawberries.

Naturally, the posse moved on to the Blue Mountains Manor House to partake in Charleston dancing lessons before a sumptuous 3 course dinner listening to live music by the Mountain Jazz Trio with Pam Allen. And of course a prize for Best Dressed was up for grabs!

I loved being surrounded by happy people all having fun, getting in character and celebrating a time of carefree joy and frivolity in the world's history. It was a fabulous evening, and even better that on a cool and misty evening on the mountaintop there was a warm Manor House with a cosy vibe.



New Year, New Stories, New Loves

Welcome little Frankie! What a wonderful way to start the year, with a newborn photo session. On his 2 week anniversary little Frankie Jnr was the star of hist first photo shoot. Mum and Dad were so chilled and relaxed in their approach to bub and each other, it was wonderful to watch and to be around.

I love a woman that knows what she wants, so when Jaclyn called me from hospital 2 days before Christmas to make a booking, I just had to make it happen, and coming back from holidays early was so worth it.Such perfect little hands, ears and toes, newborn babies are just a wonder to behold.



The lovely tenderness with which Frankie's Mum and Dad bestowed upon little Frankie during our photo session I could see this was a little boy who is going to have a childhood filled with loving memories.

With explosive projectile wees and poos it was certainly a photo session to be remembered! Thank you Jaclyn for sharing the afternoon with me and letting me into your lives for brief time. It was truly lovely and I will have your online gallery up soon! Ax


A Sun Filled Morning in Blackheath... {Blue Mountains Family Portaits}

I love being welcomed into the homes of a family wishing to share a precious time in their lives with me. I enjoy every shoot, and as much as I give all of myself on every photo session, there is always so much that I personally get back by being around people in love, families growing, and babies discovering the world..

´╗┐This was a particularly special photo session for me as I had photographed the graceful Henriette when she was 36 weeks pregnant, bathed in the golden light of an autumn afternoon. To see the grace and glory of the female body as it grows little people, and then to see the wonder in the eyes of this new person in the world, and the love between parent in child is truly precious to share.

I found Henriette and Jack's attitude so inspiring, especially when I asked how things were going and H's response was: 'Pretty well, apart from the exhaustion. We're pretty busy, we just opened a new dental practice, have been mountain climbing and sailing recently and are planning a hike in New Zealand next year'... all with the twins in tow.

Thanks for the 'picnic' among the trees Henriette and Jack, I'll have your online gallery link to you very soon!



A Weekend Stroll in Newtown {Sydney Portrait Photographer}

I woke up early on Saturday morning to see dull grey skies out my window. Grey skies aren't necessarily bad for portraits, so I made my way over to Kate and Dave's house regardless, and while we were sitting around having a cup of tea, the skies cleared and golden rays of sunshine came beaming through the window.

So we decided to get out for an early morning stroll, looking for fun textures and places to stop for the lovers to have a cuddle and canoodle.

I just love being invited on a pregnancy shoot, being with an expectant mum in the final weeks before bub arrives, seeing her warm anticipation.. it reminds me of my own pregnancy and it is such an honour for me to be able to share this precious time.

Seeing the love between Kate and Dave was just wonderful to be around, they seemed totally oblivious that I was even there as they lay enjoying the morning sun, and feeling bub kicking and moving, playing a part in the shoot too.

With such relaxed and easygoing subjects I was in my element, climbing walls and trees to get the best angle, suggesting over here, over there, and totally lost track of time.

Fluffy little Jasper awoke just in time for a quick portait with Mum and Dad before switching off to snooze again, and I think after her awesome effort of a 3 hour adventure that Mum deserved to join him too..

Thankyou Dave and Kate for sharing part your last weekend  before due day with me, I can't wait to share the rest of the images with you, I hope you have enjoyed the sneak peek!



Rains pause for Inner West Photo Adventure {Pregnancy Photographer}

Last Wednesday night I drove down the mountain to prepare for my early morning pregnancy shoot the next day. I didn't realise when Clare said it had been raining and she was nervous about the weather that the rain was actually torrential! The windscreen wipers were on full blast and their affect seemingly non-existent. However, we retained our humour and prepared ourselves for a fun photo shoot with drenched hair, colourful brollies and gumboots in the mix. When I awoke in the morning, I glanced out the window to see light grey skies with patches of blue sneaking through!


We laughed at the wonderful turnaround in weather and after a few shots with Charlie the pup at home, we went off on our inner west photography adventure. Clare has a fabulous energy and flair and we went out hoping to capture her wonderful belly as well as a bit of 'something else'...

I asked Clare to choose a location for our photo shoot that held a lot of meaning for her. She chose Callan park in Rozelle (in Sydney) as she used to walk around the water's edge and through the grounds when she first got together with her lovely man, Rob. So we went to capture the nature of the offbeat inner west with it's rambling old buildings ensconced in rambling gardens.

Just to add a touch more sentimentality, Clare brought along a handcrafted teddy-in-waiting that her mother had given to her at her Baby Shower.

I am always honoured to photograph a pregnant woman, especially at this special last phase when there is so much quiet excitement, an imminent end to this chapter of growth and such a large adventure in the future about to begin. In the planning there always a slight sense of urgency from the wonderful mother-to-be as after 36 weeks there is a chance that baby might choose to come sooner than our booking!

It was lovely to see how much Clare had enjoyed her pregnancy and to see her joy and anticipation of becoming a mother. I just love this photo (above) and seeing her inner strength as an individual and a woman. I think this little person about to arrive is going to be very lucky indeed.


All in all it was a lovely morning adventure with some absolutely beautiful results. Now we have created our artwork baby has permission to arrive ;)


Business can be Sustainable.. {Environmental Photographer}

Today I sent out the very first of my new design Portrait Photography Session Gift Vouchers, I am so excited to get the feedback from my client when she gets it in the mail! It is a voucher with an Easter theme (obviously), with Mother's Day Vouchers on the way soon.

I got the inspiration for my new vouchers from our wedding invitations. Our wedding is happening in under 3 weeks, and for a number of weeks (months ago now) we visited paper stores, researched online, did the rounds of some more markets and stores, and then decided to purchase from 'Amazing Paper' on Enmore Rd, Enmore, Sydney. The 'ingredients' of our delicious invite were from various sources, as sustainable and suitably matched as we are to each other.

For a while I was considering getting a DIY package to put together, or buying specifically designed invites printed in recycled materials from someone far away on ETSY, or generally, online. I personally love being creative, in my photography and in other areas such as craftiness.. so we made our invites and I am so proud of them, you can see why I would continue the theme every chance I get in my business.

The deep brown backing card is called 'Bier Bock', at 250gsm it was the perfect weight for a backing card and is made from recycled beer waste. What Australian groom would not relate to that?  I mean, even I think that is an awesome usage of waste products! The divine top sheet is 'Via Felt Cream Text Paper' and is 30% recycled and made using wind generated electricity. I am proud of the research and commitment we put into our invites, and that I can make top quality, even luscious gift vouchers for my clients to give to their families, each handmade with love, and finished with a personal seal. Even following the invitation theme each voucher has a magnetic strip on the back so recipients can post it on the fridge as a reminder to get their family organised for an adventure in their favourite location with me!

I feel each lovingly handcrafted gift certificate represents an aspect of who I am as a person as well as a photographer; committed yet not abrasive in my commitment to the environment, creative and passionate with a quietly understated sophistication..


Crawling Little Buddha

At 8 months the munchkin crawls and our lives have changed forever. Again. I went to the Kirribilli Markets in Sydney looking for a few special gifts before Christmas, and I met a woman who designs a line of baby clothes that uses both new and vintage fabrics. I loved her funky designs, and the little pants were perfect as they covered only the nappy on the scorching hot days we had this summer. I bought a sassy red pair of the same style and they have both gotten a lot of wear. She makes limited runs so what you get is really unique. She makes the pieces herself AND she was decidedly lovely to chat to. I have attached a link to her website so you can check out the dates she is there for yourself.. www.littlebuddhaclothing.com.au


Sharing the Love in Tough Times.

I stepped outside today to find a car with a gigantic sticker on it's bonnet. Happy but curious. Not everyone has a sticker that large on their car. They usually leave it to the bumper to have all the fun. Was this very car owned by the man I saw on a median strip days before Christmas? Is there a fleet of grateful and happy cars out there? Will I see it again? How does his dog feel about going on these outings? So curious!When people are feeling stressed about their future's and rushing around consuming before Christmas, it was a refreshing approach to sharing love in the world.


Percy Family Picnic

My lovely friend Danielle asked me to shoot her in laws on the weekend. We went to a lovely location just south of Newcastle called Bolton Park. With gorgoues old fig trees and swing sets galore it was a bustling place for families and parties on a warm Saturday afternoon. With 18 people in the main shot we had a lot of re arranging and 'look at me! look at me!' but when a cockatoo dropped a big doloppy poo on my back that seemed to get instant smiles! Typical. The things I have to endure for a great shot...


Ringo the Ram

While in Canberra on Australia Day, we took the munchkin to hang with her great grandfather John before heading across town to another part of suburbia, where Doug lives with Ringo the Ram and his new Labrador pup, Cleo. Doug invited us in with a warm smile and put the kettle on. A Special Research Fellow at the CSIRO, Doug was telling us about the book he's writing as we sat perched on an ecclectic  array of chairs in the living room, sipping tea and munching on homemade ANZAC biscuits (some of which the baking paper needed a little help peeling off the bottom).

We had heard of the infamous Ram that resides in the backyard and curiously stepped outside. Well, I'm not sure what I expected him to be doing but there he was, a ram, just doing his thing. Chewing grass.  Hanging out. Cleo, with her chunky paws and shining black coat, went bounding off the verandah through the grass towards Ringo, her coat glistening in the morning sun. And so it began, bleeting and barking, cutting  through the air as the two chased around the vacant glasshouse atop it's  brick plinth in the middle of the yard. Doug tells me he used to grow tomatoes in there but he has been too busy lately. He says it is a lovely place to sit in the winter with a cuppa to warm up. And Ringo and Cleo do another lap. I'm fascinated with Ringo and his suburban home. All of a sudden I notice the silence as everyone else  plus Cleo has stepped back inside, their attention elsewhere as I have made my way to the back corner of the yard. Ringo stares at me with my camera, we're both unsure what to do. Will he charge at me? Would it hurt? And do sheep bite? I feel silly wondering wehther to stay where I am or to tiptoe away. Ringo glances away and I relax. Laughter spills out the window into the yard. Then Cleo pounces off the verandah once more, and Ringo comes my way at a speedy bleeting pace! Giggling and hoping no-one is watching me, I run towards the verandah and scramble up out of the yard as Ringo runs by with Cleo at his heels. I straighten my hair and step inside.

Time to head back to the big smoke...