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Feel the Sun on Your Face & the Sand between Your Toes {Offbeat Wedding Photography}

A number of weeks ago before the frenetic Christmas rush we made our leisurely way up to Coochimudlo Island off the coast of Brisbane, Queensland.

After days of rain, there was a convergence of family and friends from all over the country, and the globe, to bask in the love and the sunshine as Rach and Steve got married at sunset near 'Coochie's' well known Red Rock Point. I loved their down-to-earth approach to their wedding, they were of course organised, and with wonderful ideas of how it might pan out but as Rach said on the morning before her wedding - 'as long as I am married to the right man at the end of the day I'll be happy'. And she was true to her word.

I loved the bare feet, the humor, the joy, the acceptance, and partnership that they shared so freely with everyone present at the ceremony.

It was wonderful to see their creativity and unique relationship expressed in so many ways at their ceremony and their reception. Rach and Steve were so relaxed in who they are as individuals and trusting in their future together that it was inspiring. I love weddings!!

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Powell, and Thankyou for giving our little family the honour of each having such a special role to remember on such a special day in your lives.

Ann xx


A Sun Filled Morning in Blackheath... {Blue Mountains Family Portaits}

I love being welcomed into the homes of a family wishing to share a precious time in their lives with me. I enjoy every shoot, and as much as I give all of myself on every photo session, there is always so much that I personally get back by being around people in love, families growing, and babies discovering the world..

´╗┐This was a particularly special photo session for me as I had photographed the graceful Henriette when she was 36 weeks pregnant, bathed in the golden light of an autumn afternoon. To see the grace and glory of the female body as it grows little people, and then to see the wonder in the eyes of this new person in the world, and the love between parent in child is truly precious to share.

I found Henriette and Jack's attitude so inspiring, especially when I asked how things were going and H's response was: 'Pretty well, apart from the exhaustion. We're pretty busy, we just opened a new dental practice, have been mountain climbing and sailing recently and are planning a hike in New Zealand next year'... all with the twins in tow.

Thanks for the 'picnic' among the trees Henriette and Jack, I'll have your online gallery link to you very soon!



Father's Day Present Ideas? {Kids Portrait Photographer}

Hmm. Father's Day is coming up, and I still haven't had any amazing gift ideas for my Dad, or for Mr K from the munchkin. We've done the hand painting, the pretty plant in a pot and the surprise adventure. I'm looking for new ideas for what to make, or do this year so if you have any rocking ideas you want to share of your past successes, feel free to share in the comments.

Meanwhile, I'd like to share some of the pics we created last week in the Blue Mountains. A friend of mine asked me to shoot her kids before Father's Day as a surprise for her man, so we managed to find an afternoon when Dad was out to have a secret photo session.

My friend grew up in France and wanted something a little bit creative, and on our windy and rainy afternoon we created some great stuff that their Daddy is going to loooooove! It's always a good sign your client loves your work when they can't pick 'just one'.

He is going to score a number of framed prints and also a small print on the front of their handmade card. I have been working hard over the last few months researching and creating a whole new range of products for my wedding and family portrait clients. I'll be sharing pictures of them and launching the new range very soon, but for now they are going to stay under wraps..

I had such a great time chasing these two little munchkins around, creating little vignettes in their Aussie backyard that captured a little bit of Frenchness. Oui Oui?


Rains pause for Inner West Photo Adventure {Pregnancy Photographer}

Last Wednesday night I drove down the mountain to prepare for my early morning pregnancy shoot the next day. I didn't realise when Clare said it had been raining and she was nervous about the weather that the rain was actually torrential! The windscreen wipers were on full blast and their affect seemingly non-existent. However, we retained our humour and prepared ourselves for a fun photo shoot with drenched hair, colourful brollies and gumboots in the mix. When I awoke in the morning, I glanced out the window to see light grey skies with patches of blue sneaking through!


We laughed at the wonderful turnaround in weather and after a few shots with Charlie the pup at home, we went off on our inner west photography adventure. Clare has a fabulous energy and flair and we went out hoping to capture her wonderful belly as well as a bit of 'something else'...

I asked Clare to choose a location for our photo shoot that held a lot of meaning for her. She chose Callan park in Rozelle (in Sydney) as she used to walk around the water's edge and through the grounds when she first got together with her lovely man, Rob. So we went to capture the nature of the offbeat inner west with it's rambling old buildings ensconced in rambling gardens.

Just to add a touch more sentimentality, Clare brought along a handcrafted teddy-in-waiting that her mother had given to her at her Baby Shower.

I am always honoured to photograph a pregnant woman, especially at this special last phase when there is so much quiet excitement, an imminent end to this chapter of growth and such a large adventure in the future about to begin. In the planning there always a slight sense of urgency from the wonderful mother-to-be as after 36 weeks there is a chance that baby might choose to come sooner than our booking!

It was lovely to see how much Clare had enjoyed her pregnancy and to see her joy and anticipation of becoming a mother. I just love this photo (above) and seeing her inner strength as an individual and a woman. I think this little person about to arrive is going to be very lucky indeed.


All in all it was a lovely morning adventure with some absolutely beautiful results. Now we have created our artwork baby has permission to arrive ;)


Best time of day for location portraits? {Blue Mountains Portrait Photographer}

Many people tend to think that we need the bright sunny days of your gorgeous Aussie summer to take great portrait shots, and although that bright sun is wonderful for photos, so is the soft diffused light of autumn and winter. Generally portraits shot in the midday sun produce dark shadows in the eyes of the subject we are wanting to capture.

I am excited to have a whole new location to explore and challenge me, having relocated recently to the Blue Mountains. With 4 seasons in one day I am loving using the bright contrast of one day's midday light, and playing with the subdued softness of another.

It really depends on what result you want to get from your portraits as to when you head out for your portrait session though. Autumn is a great time of year to create family portraits, I shoot most location family  portraits in the early morning or late afternoon to get the sunlight shimmering through the autumn leaves at the right angle, and a softness that supports gorgeous family photos without too much squinting and heavy shadows. Always try to make time for a location scout before hand so as to know the way the light will be travelling before you take the family there for those special pics.

The portrait above was shot in Ashfield Park in Sydney on an overcast afternoon at about 5pm. I had seen the blooms on my favourite tree starting to fall, and every afternoon made a detour past the park on my way home... watching and waiting for the perfect light and the perfect moment to execute a simple yet powerful portrait with minimal styling and maximum connection and cuteness. Our shoot went for under 3 minutes, due to planning and patience.

 Let me know if this tip was helpful to you and I will post more tips for you to improve your photography of your family and pets..


Finders keepers, Losers weepers

In the lead up to Christmas I have been scouting out events, markets and other groovy avenues of sourcing thoughtful, quality and original gifts for my friends and loved ones. So with this in mind, on the last weekend in November I went along to the Powerhouse Museum's Young Blood Designers Market.

Even though it has been going since 2005, this was the first year that I had actually gotten there on the right day at the right time! I had been really excited to go fossicking among what the website implied was a bustling, thriving, somewhat elite designers market. Maybe I had created unrealistic expectations for myself but the experience was a little underwhelming. The parking situation was time consuming and costly, and on a hot day with a munchkin in a pram I just wasn't prepared to tackle Sydney's impoverished public transport in that area. When I was directed to the counter, the staff member stood talking on the phone to a friend until I was asked by another staff member to their counter. That can happen anywhere, so munchkin and I caught the lift to the lower level for our designer shopping experience.

I stumbled across some good buys that were all reasonably priced and fit the brief. Handmade, unique or short-run giftwares with lovely design elements, AND practicality. One of my favourite stalls was Laikonik, polish inspired designs for cards and wrap on recycled papers, and another favourite was Queen B beeswax candles. I was somewhat uninspired by my Designer Markets experience as a number of designers I had already seen at the finders keepers art and design markets a number of months ago. That was fine but it didn't really have a new, fresh or even bustling atmosphere. In the courtyard the play equipment was made of metal and in direct sun so none of the children could play on it without losing a few layers of skin.

What saved the markets for me, was stopping and chatting to Cate the founder of Queen B candles. She shared with me her story of how she began her business initially as a means of stress release, and her personal philosophy about the need for nurturing ones self during the festive season as well all year round. As a new mother I have been finding it difficult to devote time to nurturing myself and then use that time for that purpose. I also loved the smell of the candles, all lovingly handmade. So I bought a bag of 'Thins' for my secret Santa, a cute little bag of 6 hand-dipped candles that burn for about an hour each. And then bought a bag of the same for myself!

All in all, I think the finders keepers independent art and design markets may have surpassed the Young Blood Designer Markets. With music, wine, and a space with so much character, and easy parking and great public transport options, I am thinking the finders keepers is where the shoppers will get to see a much broader range and larger number of designers under the one roof.

I didn't get to the fk markets last weekend as I was at my grandmother's 80th birthday celebration so if you have any comments please share!



The Hungry Caterpillar..

It seems the succulents in the back courtyard are very tasty.. Over a period of 4 days I noticed one or 2 caterpillars multiply into a writhing mass of munching grubs.. A clump of brown mush has been left in place of what as a lush wall of green.

I guess now we have space for more veggies! The space filled with dead matter was cleared and organic mulch was mixed amongst the soil. Munchkin is very handy with a trowel, and loves feeling the texture of the soil in her little hands.. and her mouth!

Now we have cauliflower, carrots and capsicum to watch grow! I have never in my life had such a productive garden, and surprisingly, this is the smallest patch of earth I have had in my life also!




A Little Girl Star

A quick Friday post before the weekend! Miss Munchkin turned 1 and for her birthday she received a 'Little Girl Star Magnolia' in a pot. To have a plant that you have had all of your life and taken on a journey of love and care would be so special. Missy Moo also inherited the somewhat scruffy 'Big Ted' that yours truly received on her own 1st birthday many years ago.

Although the glistening hot pink has faded to a more sophisticated matte pastel tone, Big Ted is still up for the many adventures ahead, and shall be a wise and patient friend, willing to listen to all the special news Munchkin will share with him.

I was surprised to see the Magnolia starting to bloom so soon, I had assumed it would need to be a lot older before it unfurled some of it's beauty to share.

Enjoy the weekend!